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A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Your Bed Like A Hotel

A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Your Bed Like A Hotel

The Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's where we go to sleep and rest after a long day. It's also where we catch up on our favorite TV shows or read a good book. When making a bed like a hotel, you don't have to spend money on fancy sheets or duvets that cost thousands of dollars. Today, we will show you how to create this same kind of experience at home with just a few simple steps.

Start With The Sheets

While you can easily find a comfortable blanket and pillow, sheets are essential to making your bed like a hotel, and they have to be just right. The first thing to consider is material-you want something soft but not too soft (like cotton), durable enough to last through many uses and washes, easy on sensitive skin (like silk or satin), machine washable (so no hand washing required), affordable enough that you won't mind replacing them every few years or so as they wear out over time. Ensure your sheet set includes both top sheet(s) and bottom sheet(s). You'll also need pillowcases-one for each pillow in your bed (unless you're using European style pillows).

Smooth Out Any Wrinkles Or Creases

This is the most important step because you want to ensure that your sheets are as smooth as possible before putting them on the bed. If there are any wrinkles, they'll show through when you're finished, and they will look sloppy. This can be done by simply rolling back and forth over them with your hands until they feel flat, but if there are still some folds and creases after this step, then try using an ironing board with a dryer sheet underneath (or something similar) to press out any remaining creases.

Pick A Design

Once you've decided on the size and shape of your bed, it's time to choose its look. If you want an elegant hotel feel, try picking a crisp white duvet cover set with matching shams (pillowcases) in either light blue or pink-this will give off the impression that someone has just made up your room for guests. If minimalist is more your style, then opt for solid black sheets and pillowcases in addition to some simple accent pillows in different colors around the headboard and footboard of the bed frame.

Now, The Comforter And Pillow

The comforter should be placed on top of the bed with its right side facing down (i.e. if you're looking at your pillow from above). The length of your bed should determine how much excess fabric there is around it; if it's too short, just fold up some extra blanket at the bottom until everything looks right. Next comes your pillow-make sure this is also in place before proceeding!

Add A Few Decorative Pillows

Adding a few decorative pillows to the middle of the bed is a great way to add some flair while giving you something soft to rest your head on if you want to nap during the day.

Pillows are also great for making your bed look more comfortable-and who doesn't want their home to look as cozy as possible?

Adjust The Bedscape

It's time to adjust the bedscape. The bedscape is what you see when you look at your bed from a distance, so it should be tidy and inviting. If there are clothes on the floor or papers strewn about, now's the time to pick them up!

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  • David Berko