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8 BBQ Essentials To Upgrade Your Grilling Game

8 BBQ Essentials To Upgrade Your Grilling Game

The BBQ season is upon us again, and it's time to prepare for some grilling. Whether you're a novice or a pro at fire and smoke, these BBQ essentials will make your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. From thermometers to scrubbers, we've got everything you need to upgrade your grill game.

A Good Grill

A good grill is the first step to a great meal. If you're looking for something that will last, we recommend buying an outdoor gas grill with a side burner. This way, you can cook all your dishes simultaneously and still have room for those delicious sides!

A Meat Thermometer

meat thermometer is a must-have. It's the only way to ensure your meat is cooked to perfection, and it will save you from guessing whether or not it's done. These devices use heat waves that pass through thick objects like steaks and measure their temperature based on how quickly they return to normal after being warmed up by the grill. This means no more burnt fingers!

A Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is essential for any BBQ. It's used to brush off excess food and grease from the grill, which can otherwise burn and cause smoke. It also helps remove burnt-on food that adheres to your grill grates, so they look as good as new after every use!

A cleaning brush should be made with high-quality materials resistant to heat and rusting. The bristles should be soft enough so they don't scratch your cookware or leave behind scratches on it either (which would make it harder for you to get rid of those pesky stains).

A BBQ Brush And Scraper

The purpose of a BBQ brush and scraper is to clean your grill. You can only cook food on a clean grill, so you must keep it clean. You can use them separately or together, depending on how much time you have and the effort you want to put into cleaning your grill.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat-resistant gloves are an essential tool for the grilling aficionado. They keep your hands safe from the grill's heat and prevent burns, which can be especially important if you have small children around who like to touch things. Heat-resistant gloves can also help keep your hands clean when handling raw meat or fish-a must for those who want to avoid cross-contamination with other foods.

Non-Stick Tongs/Spatula Set

You might have heard of non-stick pans, but it's time to get acquainted with their lesser-known cousin: non-stick tongs and spatulas. These tools are perfect for flipping burgers, moving hot dogs around, and scraping up the last bits of the barbeque sauce that have fallen onto your grill.

An Outdoor Refrigerator

An outdoor refrigerator is a must-have for summer BBQs. You can buy one or build your own, but this is the perfect way to keep drinks and food cold without running inside whenever someone wants something from the kitchen.

Grill Lights 

You can't cook if you can't see. Grill lights are a must-have for any serious griller, and they're not just for night grilling-they'll make your life easier during the day, too.

The best grill light attaches to your grill grate to stay put when you flip your meat. It should be bright enough to illuminate the whole cooking surface but not so bright that it blinds you when looking into the distance (this is easy).

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  • David Berko