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How To Choose A Mattress: Factors To Consider

How To Choose A Mattress: Factors To Consider

Sleeping well is one of the most important things we can do for our health, and doctors agree. Many of us fail to recognize the benefits of a good mattress and continue to sleep on one that is inadequately supportive and uncomfortable.

A new mattress is an expensive purchase, but it can improve your sleep quality greatly. Choosing carefully is essential before making such a large investment.

We have explored the process of selecting a mattress in this article so you can understand it better. With the information in this guide, you will be able to locate a mattress that meets your specific needs in terms of firmness and features, allowing you to get a good night's rest every night. Here is how to choose a mattress that best matches your body's needs.

How to Choose a Mattress: Back Pain

Flexing and twisting in the lumbar area of the back puts strain on the muscles and spine. Mattresses ranging from medium soft to medium firm are most suited to absorbing the impact of side sleeping due to back pain. Mattresses with regular to medium firmness that conforms to the shape of the body best accommodate back and stomach sleepers.

How to Choose a Mattress: Sleeping Position

  • Back Sleepers: When you sleep on your back, you strain your lower back the most. By sleeping on a mattress that is overly soft, the body might form a U-shape that puts extra pressure on the lower back and pelvis.
  • Side Sleepers: When sleeping on one's side, the shoulders and hips, two of the body's biggest areas, take the brunt of the pressure. When sleeping on a bed with insufficient support, such areas will sink lower than the rest of the spine, causing further discomfort.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Similar to those who sleep on their backs, those who sleep on their bellies place a great deal of strain on their lower back or the lumbar region. They should prefer a firm mattress that prevents them from ending up in a U-shape.

How to Choose a Mattress: Body Type

  • 130 lbs: Those with a weight less than 130 pounds do not sink quite as much into a mattress because of their smaller frame. They will benefit from a softer mattress since it better conforms to the shape of their bodies when lying on their sides.
  • 130 – 230lbs: If you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, you should follow our recommendations for the firmness of your mattress based on your sleeping position in the section above. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose from a variety of high-quality mattresses, including latex, hybrid, and foam types.

How to Choose a Mattress: Price

Considering how much money you have set aside while shopping for a mattress can be helpful for most shoppers. A new mattress and any additional accessories like pillows and sheets should be included in this budget.

Mattresses can be found in a wide price range, from really cheap to exceptionally expensive. Outside this margin, the usual rate for mattresses can be between $600 and $2,000 depending on the quality and brands.

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