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The Pros & Cons Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

The Pros & Cons Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

Most people would not dream of going to bed without their trusty pillow, which is specially shaped to support their head, neck, and spine as they sleep. Other people, however, argue that sleeping without a pillow will help you avoid wrinkles, have better hair, and even get rid of neck problems. Even though there has not been a ton of research done on the topic, trials without pillows have shown some positive effects. Let us find out more in the following article.

Potential Pros of Sleeping Without a Pillow

  • Posture

Different sleeping positions have varied effects on one's posture, which is why one might not always need to use a pillow.

When sleeping on one's stomach, the head must be turned to one side, which might cause strain on the neck. Many stomach sleepers find that sleeping without a pillow is more pleasant since it prevents the neck from forming an even more exaggerated tilt.

Most people who sleep on their side or back need to use a pillow to support their neck and back. The distance between your head and the pillow is greatest when you sleep on your side. Thus, a higher loft pillow is recommended to aid in proper spinal alignment and shoulder relaxation when sleeping in this posture.

  • Neck and Back Pain

Certain regions of the body, like the back and neck, can experience strain if you sleep in the same posture for lengthy periods of time. Pillows are intended to alleviate this pressure by holding the head in a neutral position, relieving strain on the neck and back.

Yet there are times when a pillow might have the opposite effect. For many people, ditching the pillow while sleeping on their stomachs can alleviate chronic neck and back discomfort because the mattress naturally supports the body's curvature when in this position.

Potential Cons of Sleeping Without a Pillow

  • Posture

If you do not use a pillow, your sleep posture will suffer. One common cause of neck pain in back sleepers is the forward slump of the head and neck on a flat surface. On a similar note, a side sleeper who does not use a pillow risks overextending their neck, making it extremely difficult to keep their spine in a neutral position.

Some who sleep on their bellies, however, may find relief from pain and tension by sleeping with only a thin pillow or without one at all.

  • Neck and Back Pain

Pillows are recommended for those who sleep on their sides or backs because not having one might cause neck and back pain. Tension headaches can be exacerbated by neck pain that is a result of not using a pillow.

Neck stiffness is not inevitable, even for stomach sleepers who do not use a pillow. The act of turning one's head to the side, whether supported by a pillow or not, can cause muscle stiffness.

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