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A Simple Guide To Decorating With Pillows

A Simple Guide To Decorating With Pillows

It is easy to dismiss the role of decorative pillows in the design process, but that is not at all the case. These are the most effective means of turning a dwelling into a home. The comfort and ease of wear are not the only benefits, however. The addition of a throw pillow to any piece of furniture in the living room, hallway, or bedroom can dramatically change the look of the area and draw attention to otherwise understated details. To help you make the most of these decorative helpers, we have compiled a handful of pointers for decorating with pillows that should make your styling efforts a whole lot more manageable.

Select an Anchor Color

Make sure the room's other furnishings complement the focal point, such as a colorful piece of furniture. For instance, a tufted raspberry ottoman is echoed in the rest of the room's delicate rose gold accents and striped linen pillows. Everything seems much better put together now. Also, the printed square throw pillows offer a fresh new color to the palette, which helps to keep things interesting. If the kitchen has light gray paint, it will be highlighted by the steel blue accents of the pillows that stand in stark contrast to the main hue of the area.

Mix and Match Prints

By combining different patterns and colors, you may increase the visual interest and hold the viewer's attention. A variety of decorative pillows in various styles can be used to great effect in creating a cozy nook. You can have the graphic chevron print, some neutrals for contrast, and a floral print that pulls together the room's primary color palette on one pillow. Choose your throw pillows in isolation from the rest of the room, as we mentioned earlier. It is easy to observe how the bright white of the walls and the cool hue of the cushion complement one another. Together they highlight the wood floor and stone wall.

Play with Shape and Size

It is hard to comprehend how the room's design aspects function so effectively together when you take them apart piece by piece. Therefore, take advantage of print accents on the decorative throw cushions as the key to resolving the problem. Take note of the variety in size, shape, and design of the components. This type of bedroom redefines the term proportion play with an organic stool, a modern lamp, a triangular table, and a little seat with an angular base.

Cover All Surfaces

Without losing any of its modern look, your living room can achieve an appearance that is still conventional. How? Because no two pillows are identical, the overall effect will be welcoming and lighthearted. It all depends on the mood you are going for, but removing the decorative pillows from this space could make it seem more formal and serious, which is also a valid aesthetic choice. Every chair and sofa in the room that is adorned with a decorative pillow, will be a nice touch. Chairs with lumbar cushions not only give guests the back support and comfort they need but also keep the modern vibe.

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  • Alex Melen