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5 Reading Pillows For Studying In Bed

5 Reading Pillows For Studying In Bed

Those who enjoy studying in bed can benefit from reading pillows. It is possible that those who like to read, play video games or watch television in bed would benefit from them too. The following post defines reading pillows, discusses their uses and drawbacks, and provides a list of some of the best reading pillows.

What Are Reading Pillows?

A standard reading pillow has a high back and two side arms for added comfort and support. If you want to study in bed but need a little extra support, these pillows are a fantastic choice. It is also possible to use a wedge pillow to sit up in bed and read or watch television.

Uses of Reading Pillows

Having a reading pillow might help you maintain proper spinal and neck alignment as you read. This makes it much less difficult to maintain a pain-free posture when unwinding. Comfortable back, neck, and shoulder support is another benefit of reading pillows for individuals who are recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain.

Drawbacks of Reading Pillows

Most reading pillows in standard sizes are not wide enough to provide users with stable back support. They are filled with fiber which simply translates to reading pillows losing density over time, hence reducing the amount of support you receive.

Recommended Reading Pillows

  • Foam Reading Pillow

Foam reading pillows are made with a polyester and velour cover and filled with polyurethane foam. This type of foam is better known as memory foam which easily conforms to your body shape, thus providing the arched support you need.

  • Contour Reading Pillow
  • Contour reading pillows are another option that can conform to the shape of your body. Most are filled with hypoallergenic fiber which is great for those with allergies to natural fill materials. There are also some that come with a cotton cover which is easily machine washable.

    • Back Support Reading Pillow

    This type of reading pillow is much higher to support your neck. It is filled with memory foam, thus support is often soft and highly conforming. Most come with detachable covers made of a soft material like velvet.

  • Wedge Reading Pillow
  • The design of wedge reading pillows is to provide lumbar support. These pillows are highly recommended for those who constantly experience back pain after reading, watching TV, or studying in bed. You can also use this wedge reading pillow to support your tablet when you are lying down, hence some brands name them tablet reading pillows.

    • Sharing Reading Pillow

    These pillows are slightly longer than the standard reading pillows. They are ideal if you would like to watch TV, read, or study with another person in bed together. You would only need one pillow to support both of you.

    With all purchases, we highly recommend buyers to carefully consider the dimensions of each reading pillow before ordering. Some reading pillows match the standard mattress sizes but others are odd-shaped and thus vary in measurements.

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